Did you take the ‘marketers’ test I sent out yesterday?

So, yesterday I emailed you about a new test that just came out from my friends Jonathan Budd & Mark Hoverson.

It’s pretty crazy. It can tell you how good of a marketer you are in less than 3 minutes.  Did you take it yet?


Well, I’m super curious what your results are.  I took it and mine were REALLY accurate.

If you want to post your results, you can actually win an Ipad for it.

Check it out here…


Jonathan & Mark are hosting a “Futuristic YOU” contest where they are giving away iPads & an ELITE ticket to a vip mastermind event worth over $10,000.

You can win just for sharing your results.  I totally recommend engaging in the contest as it’s a chance to get recognized by a lot of people who are seeing this page right now…

… Plus you could win some AMAZING prizes!  Take action today my friend, you will be glad you did. :)



Yours in Mastery,
Josh Peak

So you want to be an entrepreneur, right? Take Care of your family?

So… You want to be an entrepreneur?

To predict the future, you have to look back in time.

To be successful, you must know where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

This is the first time I’ve seen something like this in our industry…


This is SUPER cool. Basically, it’s a 3 minute test you can take that will tell you how YOU compare to other marketers.

It can show you the holes in your marketing strategy right now, & give you an accurate indicator of how much money you’re likely to earn in your business, based on your ratings.

Like I said… SUPER cool.


Spend 3 minutes checking this out, & the results you could see from it might have a staggering impact on your success.

We’ll speak more soon.

Yours in Mastery,
Josh Peak

P.S. Once you complete the quiz, the creators go over your results with you in a very interesting way.

Again, I’ve never seen anything like it, & I’m REALLY excited to see what’s coming next…